Climate Physics

The study of climate physics (meteorology and physical oceanography) will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills using the terms and laws of physics in atmosphere, ocean and the climate system. Students will become familiar with experimental and theoretical methods, and will be guided toward current research. The courses will provide instruction on how to present physical context, how to critically assess scientific problems, and how to apply modern methodology in experimental and theoretical climate physics. Mathematical methods are an indispensable tool for processing physical relations, and they are essential for the comprehension of physical context.

Student Advice

Main Subject Oceanography:
Prof. Dr. Peter Brandt,
Tel. (0431) 600 - 4105E-Mail:
pbrandt(at) ,

Main Subject Meteorology:
Dr. Karl Bumke,
Tel. (0431) 600 - 4060. ,

Examining Board


Prof. Dr. Katja Matthes

Forschungsbereich 1
Düsternbrooker Weg 20,
24105 Kiel

Examination Office