At GEOMAR-Biotech, we run over 50 different biological assays. These include cell-based systems for antibacterial, antifungal, biofilm formation, quorum sensing or cytotoxic activity testing. Several in vitro enzyme-based assays for inhibition of key enzymes implicated in metabolic and other diseases are also available. All assays are in microtiter plate format (infinite 2000, Tecan) for easy readout and reproducibility. All assays are performed by means of our pipetting robot (Fastrans, Analytic Jena)

Available bioassays:

  1. Antibiotic activity (human, phytopathogenic & environmental pathogens)
  2. Inhibition of biofilms
  3. Quorum sensing (QS) inhibition
  4. Cytotoxicity
  5. Antioxidative activity
  6. In vitro enzyme assays