Chemical facilities

Analytical instruments

o   Analytical HPLC-DAD-MS (Esquire4000, Bruker)

o   FT-IR spectrophotometer (Spectrum Two with UATR two, Perkin Elmer)

o   GC-MS System (7890A GC system with 5975C inert MSD, Agilent)

o   High resolution exact mass detector (microTOF-II, Bruker)

o   Melting point apparatus (SMP40, Stuart)

o   Polarimeter (P2000, Jasco)

o   UPLC-QTof-MS/MS coupled to DESI-Mass Imaging System (Waters)

o   UV/VIS spectrophotometers (Nanovue, GE Healthcare; Spekol, Analytic Jena)

o   500 and 600 MHz NMR with cryo probe (Access at University of Kiel)


Sample preparation

o   Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) system (Dionex, Thermo)

o   Accelerated Supercritical Fluid Extraction system (MV-10 ASFE System, Waters)

o   FCPC (AlphaChrom)

o   Flash chromatography (ProStar, Varian)

o   FPLC (Äkta purifier, GE Healthcare)

o   Freeze-drier (Alpha 2-4 and Beta 2-8 LD Plus, Christ)

o   Large scale evaporator (20 L, Büchi)

o   Preparative  HPLC systems (La Prep, VWR-Merck)

o   Rotary evaporators (various, Büchi, Heidolph) and Syncore (Büchi)

o   Semi-preparative HPLC (VWR-Hitachi, PDA and ELSD detectors)

o   Speed-vacs (RVC 2-33, Christ)