Retrieve ERA-Interim data from ECMWF (batch access)


Python scripts for downloading ERA-Interim 0.75 degree from ECMWF data server (batch access). All necessary input fields for WRF are used.

ERA-Interim has a resolution of T255 (triangular truncation at 255), N128 (128 latitude circles, pole to equator), L60 (model levels), 37 pressure levels and 15/16 isentropic levels.

The journal article describing the ERA-Interim reanalysis is available from the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society at: See also DATA FAQ.


Python scripts download daily fields (full resolution) on pressure levels ('pl') and at the surface ('sfc') in one file for every month and take leap years into account.

Note for the first time use:

You need to be registered at ECMWF in order to retrieve a key for the data servers in batch - READ the batch access!

In addition to that, one needs 2 time invariant fields:

var172 - lsm - Land-sea mask                 var129 - z - Geopotential

Ungrib both separatly (as you would ungrib all other data files: set prefix in &ungrib, link_grib.csh, ungrib.exe) and add them as constant fields to the namelist.wps, &metgrid section:

constants_name = '/path/to/invariant/data/LSM:1989-01-01_12', '/path/to/invariant/data/Z:1989-01-01_12'