18.01.2021: Online Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics Colloquium

Dr. Janna Köhler, Institute for Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen, Bremen (Germany): "Observations of the internal tide in a tidal beam in the Eastern North Atlantic"

Low-mode internal waves in the ocean contain a large part of the total energy of the internal wave field, are able to propagate over large distances and provide energy for turbulent mixing when they break far away from their generation sites. The spatial distribution of mixing related to internal wave dissipation has been shown to influence the global overturning circulation in numerical models, but both the direct observation of internal waves as well as their realistic representation in ocean general circulation models is still challenging. We studied radiated low-mode internal waves and the processes operating along their propagation paths to improve our understanding of their life cycle. For this, we combined in-situ hydrographic measurements conducted south of the Azores with internal wave energy fluxes derived from both satellite altimetry observations and STORMTIDE,  a 1/10°-simulation from the Max-Planck Institute Ocean Model.


online 11 am
Webex meeting room:https://geomar.webex.com/geomar/j.php?MTID=m4fe1cc39f9e8023c4d34ecbe06a7e289
Meeting number (access code): 174 568 3048
Meeting password: wvAmBPky487




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