WS 2022

"Current Topics in Marine Biogeochemistry II" (MNF-bioc-331)

Ringvorlesung 'Marine Carbon Sinks'

- montags, 13:00 c.t. - 14:30/15:00 Uhr / im Hörsaal Westufer (DGW), hybrid oder rein online -


- kein Seminar (Semesterstart)! -

- kein Seminar (Semesterstart)! -

- kein Seminar (Semesterstart)! -

Michael Fuhr, FB2-MG:
"Experimental approach towards understanding natural and enhanced weathering in organic rich sediments of the Baltic Sea"
Relevant paper: Fuhr M, Geilert S, Schmidt M, Liebetrau V, Vogt C, Ledwig B and Wallmann K (2022) Kinetics of Olivine Weathering in Seawater: An Experimental Study. Front. Clim. 4:831587. doi: 10.3389/fclim.2022.831587

14.11.2022 - nur online! -
Dr. Lennart Bach, University of Tasmania/Hobart, Australia:
"Identifying the most efficient and economical regions for CO2 removal with iron fertilization in the Southern Ocean"
Relevant paper: Marinov, I., Gnanadesikan, A., Toggweiler, J. et al. The Southern Ocean biogeochemical divide. Nature 441, 964–967 (2006). doi.org/10.1038/nature04883  Jule Ploschke

- kein Seminar! -

Dr. Ryan Pereira, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh/Scotland, UK:
"Through the Looking-Glass (at Dissolved Organic Matter), and What We Found There"
From the chapters of "Garden of Live Flowers" to "it's my own Invention" it seems as though the exploration of Earth's myriad pools of organic matter by the Carbon-Water Dynamics Research Group (Carbon-Water Dynamics) and Alice's adventure in Wonderland may have some similarities. In this presentation, I will present work that challenges traditional views on carbon and nutrient transport along the land-ocean-atmosphere continuum. In this presentation, we will take a closer look at interfaces where dissolved organic matter acts as an important intermediate in regulating climate feedbacks between the water and atmosphere.

Dr. Allanah Paul, FB2-BI/BP:
"Testing the pelagic ecosystem response to Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement in the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean"
Relevant paper: Bach LT, Gill S., Rickaby REM, Gore S, Renforth P (2019) CO2 Removal with enhanced weathering and ocean alkalinity enhancement: Potential risks and co-benefits for marine pelagic ecosystems. Frontiers in Climate 1, DOI=10.3389/fclim.2019.00007

12.12.2022 - Ausfall wegen Krankheit/verschoben aufs SS 2023! -
Dr. Jan Taucher, FB2-BI/BP:
"Slowdown of the silia cycle in a changing ocean: impacts on diatoms and the biological carbon pump"
Relevant paper: Taucher, J, Bach, LT, Prowe, AEF, Boxhammer, T, Kvale, K, Riebesell, U (2022) Enhanced silica export in a future ocean triggers global diatom decline. Nature 605, 696-704 doi.org/10.1038/s41586-022-04687-0

19.12.2022 - hybrid: in Präsenz und online! -
Dr. Tobias Steinhoff, FB2-CH:
"Results from ICOS OTC pCO2 instruments inter-comparison"
Relevant paper: Körtzinger et al. (2000) The international at-sea intercomparison of fCO2 systems during the R/V Meteor Cruise 36/1 in the North Atlantic Ocean. Marine Chemistry 72, 171-192, doi.org/10.1016/S0304-4203(00)00080-3

09.01.2023 - nur online! -
Dr. Carolin Löscher, Odense/Denmark:
"Rivers as vectors for alkalinization - a Scandinavian approach"
Relevant paper: tbd

Prof. Martin Zimmer, ZMT Bremen:
"Blue Carbon Ecosystems: climate change-mitigation and beyond"
Relevant paper: tbd

Prof. Morten Iversen, AWI Bremerhaven:
"The Role of Particles in the Biological Carbon Pump"
Relevant paper: Iversen, M. H. (2022, in press) Carbon Export in the Ocean: A Biologist's Perspective, Annual Review of Marine Science, www.annualreviews.org/doi/10.1146/annurev-marine-032122-035153

- kein Seminar (CDRmare Jahresversammlung)! -

Dr. Rainer Kiko, FB2-BI/MB:
"The mesopelagic migrant pump in the Atlantic"
Relevant papers:
Gorgues, T., Aumont, O., & Memery, L. (2019). Simulated changes in the particulate carbon export efficiency due to diel vertical migration of zooplankton in the North Atlantic. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 5387–5395. doi.org/10.1029/ 2018GL081748
Kiko R, Brandt P, Christiansen S, Faustmann J, Kriest I, Rodrigues E, Schütte F, Hauss H (2020) Zooplankton-Mediated Fluxes in the Eastern Tropical North Atlantic. Front Mar Sci 7