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Ahlrichs, N., Ehrhardt, A., Schnabel, M. and Berndt, C. (2024) Vertical acoustic blanking in seismic data from the German North Sea: a spotlight to shallow gas‐bearing incised channels. Open Access Journal of Quaternary Science, 39 (3). pp. 421-431. DOI 10.1002/jqs.3590.

[thumbnail of Water Resources Research - 2024 - Faghih - Characterizing Offshore Freshened Groundwater Salinity Patterns Using.pdf] [thumbnail of 2023wr035714-sup-0001-supporting information si-s01.docx]

Faghih, Z. , Haroon, A. , Jegen, M. , Gehrmann, R., Schwalenberg, K., Micallef, A. , Dettmer, J., Berndt, C. , Mountjoy, J. J. J. and Weymer, B. A. (2024) Characterizing Offshore Freshened Groundwater Salinity Patterns Using Trans-Dimensional Bayesian Inversion of Controlled Source Electromagnetic Data: A Case Study From the Canterbury Bight, New Zealand. Open Access Water Resources Research, 60 (3). e2023WR035714. DOI 10.1029/2023WR035714.

[thumbnail of Terra Nova - 2024 - Gernigon - Understanding volcanic margin evolution through the lens of Norway s youngest granite.pdf]

Gernigon, L., Knies, J., Schönenberger, J., Piraquive, A., van der Lelij, R., Huyskens, M. H., Planke, S., Berndt, C. , Jones, M., Millett, J. M., Mohn, G. and Alvarez Zarikian, C. A. (2024) Understanding volcanic margin evolution through the lens of Norway's youngest granite. Terra Nova . DOI 10.1111/ter.12705.

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Davies, R. J., Yang, J., Ireland, M. T., Berndt, C. , Maqueda, M. Á. M. and Huuse, M. (2024) Long-distance migration and venting of methane from the base of the hydrate stability zone. Open Access Nature Geoscience, 17 . pp. 32-37. DOI 10.1038/s41561-023-01333-w.


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Reeck, K., Jegen, M. , Freudenthal, T., Elger, J. , Hölz, S. , Deusner, C. , Wallmann, K. , Lin, S., Chi, W. C., Bohrmann, G. and Berndt, C. (2023) Quantification of mixed hydrate and free gas concentrations by the joint integration of velocity and conductivity information. Open Access Marine and Petroleum Geology, 158 . Art.Nr. 106569. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2023.106569.

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Karstens, J. , Crutchley, G. J. , Hansteen, T. H. , Preine, J., Carey, S., Elger, J. , Kühn, M. , Nomikou, P., Schmid, F. , Dalla Valle, G., Kelfoun, K. and Berndt, C. (2023) Cascading events during the 1650 tsunamigenic eruption of Kolumbo volcano. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 . Art.Nr. 6606. DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-42261-y.

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Berndt, C. , Planke, S., Alvarez Zarikian, C. A., Frieling, J., Jones, M. T., Millett, J. M., Brinkhuis, H., Bünz, S., Svensen, H. H., Longman, J., Scherer, R. P., Karstens, J. , Manton, B., Nelissen, M., Reed, B., Faleide, J. I., Huismans, R. S., Agarwal, A., Andrews, G. D. M., Betlem, P., Bhattacharya, J., Chatterjee, S., Christopoulou, M., Clementi, V. J., Ferré, E. C., Filina, I. Y., Guo, P., Harper, D. T., Lambart, S., Mohn, G., Nakaoka, R., Tegner, C., Varela, N., Wang, M., Xu, W. and Yager, S. L. (2023) Shallow-water hydrothermal venting linked to the Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum. Open Access Nature Geoscience, 16 . pp. 803-809. DOI 10.1038/s41561-023-01246-8.

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Bohrmann, G., Berndt, C. , Lin, S., Tu, T. H., Lin, A. T., Hsu, H. H., Lai, M. L., Chi, W. C., Deusner, C. , Elger, J. , Wallmann, K. , Freudenthal, T., Mau, S., Pape, T., Tseng, Y. T., Yu, P. S., Fan, L. F., Chen, J. N., Chen, S. C., Chen, T. T. and Wei, K. Y. (2023) Geological controls on the distribution of gas hydrates in the shallow parts of the gas hydrate stability zone – constraints from seafloor drilling off Taiwan. Open Access Marine and Petroleum Geology, 153 . Art.Nr. 106253. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2023.106253.

Karstens, J. , Preine, J., Crutchley, G. J. , Kutterolf, S. , van der Bilt, W. G. M., Hooft, E. E. E., Druitt, T. H., Schmid, F. , Cederstrøm, J. M., Hübscher, C., Nomikou, P., Carey, S., Kühn, M. , Elger, J. and Berndt, C. (2023) Revised Minoan eruption volume as benchmark for large volcanic eruptions. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 . Art.Nr. 2497. DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-38176-3.

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Tseng, Y., Römer, M., Lin, S., Pape, T., Berndt, C. , Chen, T. T., Paull, C. K., Caress, D. W. and Bohrmann, G. (2023) Yam Seep at Four-Way Closure Ridge: a prominent active gas seep system at the accretionary wedge SW offshore Taiwan. Open Access International Journal of Earth Sciences, 112 (3). pp. 1043-1061. DOI 10.1007/s00531-022-02280-4.

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Franz, G., Jegen, M. , Moorkamp, M., Berndt, C. and Rabbel, W. (2023) Formation and geophysical character of transitional crust at the passive continental margin around Walvis Ridge, Namibia. Open Access Solid Earth, 14 . pp. 237-259. DOI 10.5194/se-14-237-2023.

Karstens, J. , Haflidason, H., Berndt, C. and Crutchley, G. J. (2023) Revised Storegga Slide reconstruction reveals two major submarine landslides 12,000 years apart. Open Access Communications Earth & Environment, 4 . Art.Nr. 55 (2023). DOI 10.1038/s43247-023-00710-y.

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Arevalo-Martinez, D. L. , Haroon, A. , Bange, H. , Erkul, E., Jegen, M. , Moosdorf, N., Schneider von Deimling, J., Berndt, C. , Böttcher, M. E., Hoffmann, J., Liebetrau, V., Mallast, U., Massmann, G., Micallef, A. , Michael, H. A., Paasche, H., Rabbel, W., Santos, I., Scholten, J., Schwalenberg, K., Szymczycha, B., Thomas, A. T., Virtasalo, J. J., Waska, H. and Weymer, B. (2023) Ideas and perspectives: Land-ocean connectivity through groundwater. Open Access Biogeosciences (BG), 20 . pp. 647-662. DOI 10.5194/bg-20-647-2023.


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Weymer, B. A. , Everett, M. E., Haroon, A. , Jegen-Kulcsar, M. , Micallef, A. , Berndt, C. , Michael, H. A., Evans, R. L. and Post, V. (2022) The coastal transition zone is an underexplored frontier in hydrology and geoscience. Open Access Communications Earth & Environment, 3 . Art.Nr. 323 (2022). DOI 10.1038/s43247-022-00655-8.

[thumbnail of Geochem Geophys Geosyst - 2022 - Sager - Development and Emplacement of Ana Slide Eivissa Channel Western Mediterranean.pdf]

Sager, T. F., Urlaub, M. , Kaminski, P., Papenberg, C. , Lastras, G., Canals, M. and Berndt, C. (2022) Development and Emplacement of the Ana Slide, Eivissa Channel, Western Mediterranean Sea. Open Access Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 23 (11). e2022GC010469. DOI 10.1029/2022GC010469.

[thumbnail of JGR Solid Earth - 2022 - Kunath - Episodic Venting of a Submarine Gas Seep on Geological Time Scales Formosa Ridge .pdf]

Kunath, P., Crutchley, G. J. , Chi, W., Berndt, C. , Liu, C., Elger, J. , Klaeschen, D. and Bohrmann, G. (2022) Episodic Venting of a Submarine Gas Seep on Geological Time Scales: Formosa Ridge, Northern South China Sea. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 127 (9). Art.Nr. e2022JB024668. DOI 10.1029/2022JB024668.

[thumbnail of JGR Solid Earth - 2022 - Sarkar - Thermal state of the Guaymas Basin derived from gas hydrate bottom simulating reflections.pdf] [thumbnail of 2021jb023909-sup-0001-supporting]

Sarkar, S. , Moser, M., Berndt, C. , Doll, M., Böttner, C. , Chi, W., Klaeschen, D. , Galerne, C. , Karstens, J. , Geilert, S. , Mortera‐Gutierrez, C. and Hensen, C. (2022) Thermal state of the Guaymas Basin derived from gas hydrate bottom simulating reflections and heat flow measurements. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 127 (8). Art.Nr. e2021JB023909. DOI 10.1029/2021JB023909.

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Karstens, J. , Schneider von Deimling, J., Berndt, C. , Böttner, C. , Kühn, M. , Reinardy, B. T. I., Ehrhardt, A., Gros, J. , Schramm, B., Klaeschen, D. , Elger, J. , Haeckel, M. , Schmidt, M. , Heinrich, S., Müller, P. and Bense, F. (2022) Formation of the Figge Maar Seafloor Crater During the 1964 B1 Blowout in the German North Sea. Open Access Earth Science, Systems and Society (ES3), 2 . Art.Nr. 10053. DOI 10.3389/esss.2022.10053.

Manton, B., Müller, P., Mazzini, A., Zastrozhnov, D., Jerram, D. A., Millett, J. M., Schmid, D. W., Berndt, C. , Myklebust, R. and Planke, S. (2022) Characterizing ancient and modern hydrothermal venting systems. Marine Geology, 447 . Art.Nr. 106781. DOI 10.1016/j.margeo.2022.106781.

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Kästner, F., Klaeschen, D. , Berndt, C. , Pierdominici, S. and Hedin, P. (2022) Anisotropic velocity models for (3D) seismic imaging ofthe Lower Seve Nappe in Jämtland, Sweden. Open Access Geophysical Journal International, 228 (1). pp. 66-77. DOI 10.1093/gji/ggab339.


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Franz, G. K., Moorkamp, M., Jegen, M. , Berndt, C. and Rabbel, W. (2021) Comparison of Different Coupling Methods for Joint Inversion of Geophysical data: A case study for the Namibian Continental Margin. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126 (12). e2021JB022092. DOI 10.1029/2021JB022092.

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Zhao, F., Berndt, C. , Alves, T. M., Xia, S., Li, L., Mi, L. and Fan, C. (2021) Widespread hydrothermal vents and associated volcanism record prolonged Cenozoic magmatism in the South China Sea. Open Access GSA Bulletin, 133 (11-12). pp. 2645-2660. DOI 10.1130/B35897.1.

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Callow, B., Bull, J. M., Provenzano, G., Böttner, C. , Birinci, H., Robinson, A. H., Henstock, T. J., Minshull, T. A., Bayrakci, G., Lichtschlag, A., Roche, B., Yilo, N., Gehrmann, R., Karstens, J. , Falcon-Suarez, I. H. and Berndt, C. (2021) Seismic chimney characterisation in the North Sea – Implications for pockmark formation and shallow gas migration. Open Access Marine and Petroleum Geology, 133 . Art.Nr. 105301. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2021.105301.

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Schramm, B., Berndt, C. , Dannowski, A. , Böttner, C. , Karstens, J. and Elger, J. (2021) Seismic imaging of an active fluid conduit below Scanner Pockmark, Central North Sea. Open Access Marine and Petroleum Geology, 133 . Art.Nr. 105302. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2021.105302.

Böttner, C. , Callow, B. J., Schramm, B., Gross, F., Geersen, J. , Schmidt, M. , Vasilev, A., Petsinski, P. and Berndt, C. (2021) Focused methane migration formed pipe structures in permeable sandstones: Insights from uncrewed aerial vehicle-based digital outcrop analysis in Varna, Bulgaria. Open Access Sedimentology, 68 (6). pp. 2765-2782. DOI 10.1111/sed.12871.

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Kühn, M. , Karstens, J. , Berndt, C. and Watt, S. F. L. (2021) Seismic reconstruction of seafloor sediment deformation during volcanic debris avalanche emplacement offshore Sakar, Papua New Guinea. Open Access Marine Geology, 439 . Art.Nr. 106563. DOI 10.1016/j.margeo.2021.106563.

Haroon, A. , Micallef, A. , Jegen, M. , Schwalenberg, K., Karstens, J. , Berndt, C. , Garcia, X., Kuehn, M., Rizzo, E., Fusi, N. C., Ahaneku, C. V., Petronio, L., Faghih, Z., Weymer, B. A. , De Biase, M. and Chidichimo, F. (2021) Electrical resistivity anomalies offshore a carbonate coastline: Evidence for freshened groundwater?. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (14). e2020GL091909. DOI 10.1029/2020GL091909.

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Gehrmann, R. A. S., Provenzano, G., Böttner, C. , Marn-Moreno, H., Bayrakci, G., Tan, Y. Y., Yilo, N. K., Djanni, A. T., Weitemeyer, K. A., Minshull, T. A., Bull, J. M. and Berndt, C. (2021) Porosity and free gas estimates from controlled source electromagnetic data at the Scanner Pockmark in the North Sea. Open Access International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 109 . Art.Nr. 103343. DOI 10.1016/j.ijggc.2021.103343.

Kunath, P., Chi, W., Berndt, C. and Liu, C. (2021) A rapid numerical method to constrain 2D focused fluid flow rates along convergent margins using dense BSR‐based temperature field data. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126 (7). e2021JB021668. DOI 10.1029/2021JB021668.

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Kästner, F., Pierdominici, S., Zappone, A., Morales, L. F. G., Schleicher, A. M., Wilke, F. D. H. and Berndt, C. (2021) Cross‐scale seismic anisotropy analysis in metamorphic rocks from the COSC‐1 borehole in the Scandinavian Caledonides. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126 (5). e2020JB021154. DOI 10.1029/2020JB021154.

Elger, J. , Berndt, C. , Kästner, F., Pierdominici, S., Kück, J., Almqvist, B. S. G., Juhlin, C. and Lorenz, H. (2021) Core-log-seismic integration in metamorphic rocks and its implication for the regional geology: A case study for the ICDP drilling project COSC-1, Sweden. Open Access Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 22 (3). e2020GC009376. DOI 10.1029/2020GC009376.

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Flohr, A., Schaap, A., Achterberg, E. P. , Alendal, G., Arundell, M., Berndt, C. , Blackford, J., Böttner, C. , Borisov, S. M., Brown, R., Bull, J. M., Carter, L., Chen, B., Dale, A. W. , de Beer, D., Dean, M., Deusner, C. , Dewar, M., Durden, J. M., Elsen, S., Esposito, M., Faggetter, M., Fischer, J. P., Gana, M., Gros, J. , Haeckel, M. , Hanz, R., Holtappels, M., Hosking, B., Huvenne, V. A. I., James, R. H., Koopmans, D., Kossel, E. , Leighton, T. G., Li, J., Lichtschlag, A., Linke, P. , Loucaides, S., Martinez-Cabanas, M., Matter, J. M., Mesher, T., Monk, S., Mowlem, M., Oleynik, A., Papadimitriou, S., Paxton, D., Pearce, C. R., Peel, K., Roche, B., Ruhl, H. A., Saleem, U., Sands, C., Saw, K., Schmidt, M. , Sommer, S., Strong, J. A., Triest, J., Ungerböck, B., Walk, J., White, P., Widdicombe, S., Wilson, R. E., Wright, H., Wyatt, J. and Connelly, D. (2021) Towards improved monitoring of offshore carbon storage: A real-world field experiment detecting a controlled sub-seafloor CO2 release. Open Access International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106 . Art.Nr. 103237. DOI 10.1016/j.ijggc.2020.103237.

Micallef, A. , Person, M., Berndt, C. , Bertoni, C., Cohen, D., Dugan, B., Evans, R., Haroon, A. , Hensen, C. , Jegen, M. , Key, K., Kooi, H., Liebetrau, V., Lofi, J., Mailloux, B. J., Martin‐Nagle, R., Michael, H. A., Müller, T. , Schmidt, M. , Schwalenberg, K., Trembath‐Reichert, E., Weymer, B. , Zhang, Y. and Thomas, A. T. (2021) Offshore freshened groundwater in continental margins. Open Access Reviews of Geophysics, 59 (1). Art.Nr. e2020RG000706. DOI 10.1029/2020RG000706.

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Robinson, A. H., Callow, B., Böttner, C. , Yilo, N., Provenzano, G., Falcon-Suarez, I. H., Marin-Moreno, H., Lichtschlag, A., Bayrakci, G., Gehrmann, R., Parkes, L., Roche, B., Saleem, U., Schramm, B., Waage, M., Lavayssiere, A., Li , J., Jedari-Eyvazi, F., Sahoo, S., Deusner, C. , Kossel, E. , Minshull, T. A., Berndt, C. , Bull, J. M., Dean, M., James, R. H., Chapman, M., Best, A. I., Bünz, S., Chen, B., Connelly, D. P., Elger, J. , Haeckel, M. , Henstock, T. J., Karstens, J. , Macdonald, C., Matter, J. M., North, L. and Reinardy, B. (2021) Multiscale characterisation of chimneys/pipes: Fluid escape structures within sedimentary basins. Open Access International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106 . Art.Nr. 103245. DOI 10.1016/j.ijggc.2020.103245.

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Barrett, R. S., Bellwald, B., Talling, P. J., Micallef, A. , Gross, F., Berndt, C. , Planke, S., Myklebust, R. and Krastel, S. (2021) Does retrogression always account for the large volume of submarine megaslides? Evidence to the contrary from the Tampen Slide, offshore Norway. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 126 (2). e2020JB020655. DOI 10.1029/2020JB020655.

Hornbach, M. J., Sylvester, J., Hayward, C., Kühn, M., Huhn‐Frehers, K., Freudenthal, T., Watt, S. F. L., Berndt, C. , Kutterolf, S. , Kuhlmann, J., Sievers, C., Rapp, S., Pallapies, K., Gatter, R. and Hoenekopp, L. (2021) A Hybrid Lister‐Outrigger Probe for Rapid Marine Geothermal Gradient Measurement. Open Access Earth and Space Science, 8 (1). e2020EA001327. DOI 10.1029/2020EA001327.


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Kunath, P., Chi, W., Berndt, C. , Chen, L., Liu, C., Kläschen, D. and Muff, S. (2020) A Shallow Seabed Dynamic Gas Hydrate System off SW Taiwan: Results From 3‐D Seismic, Thermal, and Fluid Migration Analyses. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125 (11). e2019JB019245‐T. DOI 10.1029/2019JB019245.

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Bernal-Olaya, R., Chi, W. C., Kunath, P., Sanchez, J., Higgs, B. and Berndt, C. (2020) A gas hydrate site with bi-verging folding in the outer wedge offshore SW Taiwan: Results from kinematic structural modeling and finite strain analysis. Tectonophysics, 790 (Article number 228540). DOI 10.1016/j.tecto.2020.228540.

Böttner, C. , Haeckel, M. , Schmidt, M. , Berndt, C. , Vielstädte, L., Kutsch, J. A., Karstens, J. and Weiß, T. (2020) Greenhouse gas emissions from marine decommissioned hydrocarbon wells: leakage detection, monitoring and mitigation strategies. Open Access International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 100 . Article number 103119. DOI 10.1016/j.ijggc.2020.103119.

[thumbnail of Karstens2020_Article_Combining3DSeismicsEyewitnessA-1.pdf]

Karstens, J. , Watt, S., Kelfoun, K. and Berndt, C. (2020) Combining 3D seismics, eyewitness accounts and numerical simulations to reconstruct the 1888 Ritter Island sector collapse and tsunami. Open Access International Journal of Earth Sciences, 109 . pp. 2659-2677. DOI 10.1007/s00531-020-01854-4.

[thumbnail of se-11-607-2020.pdf]

Kästner, F., Pierdominici, S. , Elger, J. , Zappone, A., Kück, J. and Berndt, C. (2020) Correlation of core and downhole seismic velocities in high-pressure metamorphic rocks: a case study for the COSC-1 borehole, Sweden. Open Access Solid Earth, 11 . pp. 607-626. DOI 10.5194/se-11-607-2020.

Treude, T. , Krause, S. , Steinle, L. , Burwicz, E. B. , Hamdan, L. J., Niemann, H. , Feseker, T., Liebetrau, V., Krastel, S. and Berndt, C. (2020) Biogeochemical consequences of nonvertical methane transport in sediment offshore northwestern Svalbard. Open Access Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 125 (art. no. e2019JG005371). DOI 10.1029/2019JG005371.

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Zander, T., Haeckel, M. , Klaucke, I. , Bialas, J. , Klaeschen, D. , Papenberg, C. , Pape, T. , Berndt, C. and Bohrmann, G. (2020) New insights into geology and geochemistry of the Kerch seep area in the Black Sea. Open Access Marine and Petroleum Geology, 113 . Art.Nr. 104162. DOI 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2019.104162.

Ferre, B. , Jansson, P. G., Moser, M., Serov, P., Portnov, A., Graves, C. A., Panieri, G. , Gründger, F., Berndt, C. , Lehmann, M. F. and Niemann, H. (2020) Reduced methane seepage from Arctic sediments during cold bottom-water conditions. Open Access Nature Geoscience, 13 . pp. 144-148. DOI 10.1038/s41561-019-0515-3.


[thumbnail of sd-26-69-2019.pdf]

Berndt, C. , Planke, S. , Teagle, D. , Huismans, R., Torsvik, T., Frieling, J. , Jones, M. T., Jerram, D. A., Tegner, C. , Faleide, J. I., Coxall, H. and Hong, W. L. (2019) Northeast Atlantic breakup volcanism and consequences for Paleogene climate change - MagellanPlus Workshop report. Open Access Scientific Drilling, 26 . pp. 69-85. DOI 10.5194/sd-26-69-2019.

[thumbnail of This article has been accepted for publication in [Geophysical Journal International] Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society.] [thumbnail of Gloeckner.pdf]

Glöckner, M., Walda, J., Dell, S., Gajewski, D., Karstens, J. , Kläschen, D. and Berndt, C. (2019) Imaging zero-offset 3D P-cable data with CRS method. Open Access Geophysical Journal International, 219 (3). pp. 1876-1884. DOI 10.1093/gji/ggz403.

[thumbnail of se-10-1989-2019.pdf]

Dumke, I. and Berndt, C. (2019) Prediction of seismic p-wave velocity using machine learning. Open Access Solid Earth, 10 (6). pp. 1989-2000. DOI 10.5194/se-10-1989-2019.

[thumbnail of Franke_et_al-2019-Tectonics.pdf] [thumbnail of Franke_et_al-2019-Tectonics.pdf]

Franke, D. , Klitzke, P. , Barckhausen, U., Berglar, K., Berndt, C. , Damm, V. , Dannowski, A. , Ehrhardt, A. , Engels, M. , Funck, T. , Geissler, W. , Schnabel, M. , Thorwart, M. and Trinhammer, P. (2019) Polyphase magmatism during the formation of the northern East Greenland continental margin. Open Access Tectonics, 38 (8). pp. 2961-2982. DOI 10.1029/2019TC005552.

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Sarkar, S. , Basak, C., Frank, M. , Berndt, C. , Huuse, M. , Badhani, S. and Bialas, J. (2019) Late Eocene onset of the Proto-Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Open Access Scientific Reports, 9 (Article number: 10125). DOI 10.1038/s41598-019-46253-1.

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Karstens, J. , Berndt, C. , Urlaub, M. , Watt, S. F. L., Micallef, A. , Ray, M., Klaucke, I. , Muff, S., Klaeschen, D. , Kühn, M., Roth, T., Böttner, C. , Schramm, B., Elger, J. and Brune, S. (2019) From gradual spreading to catastrophic collapse - Reconstruction of the 1888 Ritter Island volcanic sector collapse from high-resolution 3D seismic data. Open Access Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 517 . pp. 1-13. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2019.04.009.

Watt, S. F. L. , Karstens, J. , Micallef, A., Berndt, C. , Urlaub, M. , Ray, M., Desai, A., Sammartini, M., Klaucke, I. , Böttner, C. , Day, S., Downes, H. , Kühn, M. and Elger, J. (2019) From catastrophic collapse to multi-phase deposition: Flow transformation, seafloor interaction and triggered eruption following a volcanic-island landslide. Open Access Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 517 . pp. 135-147. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2019.04.024.

[thumbnail of Accepted manuscript]

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[thumbnail of Accepted Article] [thumbnail of Berndt_et_al-2019-Journal_of_Geophysical_Research__Solid_Earth.pdf]

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[thumbnail of bg-15-5715-2018.pdf] [thumbnail of bg-15-5715-2018-supplement.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Accepted manuscript] [thumbnail of Klaucke.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Accepted manuscript] [thumbnail of Zander.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Accepted Manuscript] [thumbnail of Nunez-Useche.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Accepted manuscript] [thumbnail of Riedel.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Riedel_et_al_2017.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Corrected version]

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[thumbnail of s41467-017-02550-9.pdf] [thumbnail of 41467_2017_2550_MOESM1_ESM.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Accepted Manuscript] [thumbnail of Elger.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Accepted manuscript] [thumbnail of Li.pdf]

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[thumbnail of eos_ritter-island-2017-1.pdf] [thumbnail of Micallef.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Planke.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Zander.pdf] [thumbnail of Zander_Supp.docx]

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[thumbnail of 1-s2.0-S0016703716306573-main.pdf] [thumbnail of Graves_mmc1.docx]

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[thumbnail of GSA_Manuscript_Template-rifting-v3.pdf] [thumbnail of Berndt.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Attias.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Jegen_et_al_Tectonophysics.pdf] [thumbnail of Jegen]

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[thumbnail of Klaucke.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Electronic Supplement] [thumbnail of Koch]

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[thumbnail of Dumke_et_al-2016-Journal_of_Geophysical_Research-_Solid_Earth.pdf] [thumbnail of jgrb51442.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Sarkar_et_al-2015-Journal_of_Geophysical_Research__Oceans.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Koch]

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[thumbnail of Steinle_ngeo2420(1).pdf]

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[thumbnail of 2014_Elger-etal_JGeolSoc.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Karstens.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Crutchley]

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[thumbnail of Dumke.pdf] [thumbnail of Dumke]

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[thumbnail of Moeller]

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[thumbnail of ggge20180.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Karstens.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Haffert.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Geology-2013-Crutchley-551-4.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Crutchley.pdf] [thumbnail of Crutchley_Suppl.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Perez-Garcia.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Lafuerza.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Anka.pdf]

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[thumbnail of 1-s2.0-S0012821X11007138-main.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Berndt.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Gay.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Hornbach.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Laurent.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Sarkar.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Watt.pdf]

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[thumbnail of BerndtGeochemistry2011.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Original]

Bangs, N. L. B., Hornbach, M. J. and Berndt, C. (2011) The mechanics of intermittent methane venting at South Hydrate Ridge inferred from 4D seismic surveying. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 310 (1-2). pp. 105-112. DOI 10.1016/j.epsl.2011.06.022.

[thumbnail of Chabert.pdf]

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[thumbnail of 2011b-Crutchley-et-al.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Gay.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Miccalef.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Perez-Garcia.pdf]

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[thumbnail of Switching.pdf] [thumbnail of Correction]

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