Begutachtete Publikationen 2023

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Bayr, T. and Latif, M. (2023) ENSO atmospheric feedbacks under global warming and their relation to mean-state changes. Open Access Climate Dynamics, 60 . pp. 2613-2631. DOI 10.1007/s00382-022-06454-3.

[thumbnail of Geophysical Research Letters - 2023 - Bischof - The Role of the North Atlantic for Heat Wave Characteristics in Europe an.pdf] [thumbnail of 2023gl105280-sup-0001-supporting information si-s01.pdf]

Bischof, S. , Pilch Kedzierski, R. , Hänsch, M., Wahl, S. and Matthes, K. (2023) The Role of the North Atlantic for Heat Wave Characteristics in Europe, an ECHAM6 Study. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (23). Art.Nr. e2023GL105280. DOI 10.1029/2023GL105280.

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Boroughani, M., Mirchooli, F., Hadavifar, M. and Fiedler, S. (2023) Mapping land degradation risk due to land susceptibility to dust emission and water erosion. Open Access SOIL, 9 (2). pp. 411-423. DOI 10.5194/soil-9-411-2023.

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Casselman, J. W., Lübbecke, J. F. , Bayr, T. , Huo, W. , Wahl, S. and Domeisen, D. I. V. (2023) The teleconnection of extreme El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events to the tropical North Atlantic in coupled climate models. Open Access Weather and Climate Dynamics, 4 (2). pp. 471-487. DOI 10.5194/wcd-4-471-2023.

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Couldrey, M. P., Gregory, J. M., Dong, X., Garuba, O., Haak, H., Hu, A., Hurlin, W. J., Jin, J., Jungclaus, J., Köhl, A., Liu, H., Ojha, S., Saenko, O. A., Savita, A., Suzuki, T., Yu, Z. and Zanna, L. (2023) Greenhouse-gas forced changes in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and related worldwide sea-level change. Open Access Climate Dynamics, 60 . pp. 2003-2039. DOI 10.1007/s00382-022-06386-y.

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Ding, R., Nnamchi, H. C. , Yu, J. Y., Li, T., Sun, C., Li, J., Tseng, Y., Li, X., Xie, F., Feng, J., Ji, K. and Li, X. (2023) North Atlantic oscillation controls multidecadal changes in the North Tropical Atlantic−Pacific connection. Open Access Nature Communications, 14 (1). Art.Nr. 862. DOI 10.1038/s41467-023-36564-3.

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Dommo, A., Klutse, N. A. B., Fiedler, S. , Koffi, H. A. and Vondou, D. A. (2023) The seasonal cycle of cloud radiative effects over Congo Basin based on CERES observation and comparison to CMIP6 models. Atmospheric Research, 291 . Art.Nr. 106820. DOI 10.1016/j.atmosres.2023.106820.

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Fiedler, S. , Naik, V., O'Connor, F. M., Smith, C. J., Pincus, R., Griffiths, P., Kramer, R., Takemura, T., Allen, R. J., Im, U., Kasoar, M., Modak, A., Turnock, S., Voulgarakis, A., Watson-Parris, D., Westervelt, D. M., Wilcox, L. J., Zhao, A., Collins, W. J., Schulz, M., Myhre, G. and Forster, P. M. (Submitted) Interactions between atmospheric composition and climate change – Progress in understanding and future opportunities from AerChemMIP, PDRMIP, and RFMIP. Open Access Geoscientific Model Development . DOI 10.5194/gmd-2023-29.

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Fiedler, S. , van Noije, T., Smith, C. J., Boucher, O., Dufresne, J., Kirkevåg, A., Olivié, D., Pinto, R., Reerink, T., Sima, A. and Schulz, M. (2023) Historical Changes and Reasons for Model Differences in Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing in CMIP6. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (15). Art.Nr. e2023GL104848. DOI 10.1029/2023GL104848.

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Hohenegger, C., Ament, F., Beyrich, F., Löhnert, U., Rust, H., Bange, J., Böck, T., Böttcher, C., Boventer, J., Burgemeister, F., Clemens, M., Detring, C., Detring, I., Dewani, N., Duran, I. B., Fiedler, S. , Göber, M., van Heerwaarden, C., Heusinkveld, B., Kirsch, B., Klocke, D., Knist, C., Lange, I., Lauermann, F., Lehmann, V., Lehmke, J., Leinweber, R., Lundgren, K., Masbou, M., Mauder, M., Mol, W., Nevermann, H., Nomokonova, T., Päschke, E., Platis, A., Reichardt, J., Rochette, L., Sakradzija, M., Schlemmer, L., Schmidli, J., Shokri, N., Sobottke, V., Speidel, J., Steinheuer, J., Turner, D. D., Vogelmann, H., Wedemeyer, C., Weide-Luiz, E., Wiesner, S., Wildmann, N., Wolz, K. and Wetz, T. (2023) FESSTVaL: the Field Experiment on Submesoscale Spatio-Temporal Variability in Lindenberg. Open Access Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 104 (10). E1875-E1892. DOI 10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0330.1.

[thumbnail of feart-11-1147582.pdf]

Huo, W. , Xiao, Z. and Zhao, L. (2023) Modulation of the solar activity on the connection between the NAO and the tropical pacific SST variability. Open Access Frontiers in Earth Science, 11 . Art.Nr. 1147582. DOI 10.3389/feart.2023.1147582.

[thumbnail of Huo_2022.pdf]

Huo, W. , Xiao, Z. and Zhao, L. (2023) Phase-Locked Impact of the 11-Year Solar Cycle on Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability. Journal of Climate, 36 (2). pp. 421-439. DOI 10.1175/JCLI-D-21-0595.1.

[thumbnail of 1-s2.0-S1674283423000831-main.pdf]

Huo, W. , Xiao, Z., Zhao, L. and Liu, F. (In Press / Accepted) Ascending phase of solar cycle 25 tilts the current El Niño–Southern oscillation transition. Open Access Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters . Art.Nr. 100397. DOI 10.1016/j.aosl.2023.100397.

[thumbnail of Krüger_Tellus_a_2023.pdf]

Krüger, J. , Kjellsson, J. , Kedzierski, R. P. and Claus, M. (2023) Connecting North Atlantic SST Variability to European Heat Events over the Past Decades. Open Access Tellus A: Dynamic meteorology and oceanography, 75 (1). pp. 358-374. DOI 10.16993/tellusa.3235.

[thumbnail of a-climate-index-collection-based-on-model-data.pdf]

Landt-Hayen, M., Rath, W. , Wahl, S. , Niebaum, N., Claus, M. and Kröger, P. (2023) A climate index collection based on model data. Open Access Environmental Data Science, 2 . Art.Nr. e9. DOI 10.1017/eds.2023.5.

[thumbnail of s43247-023-00912-4.pdf]

Latif, M. , Bayr, T. , Kjellsson, J. , Lübbecke, J. F. , Martin, T. , Nnamchi, H. C. , Park, W., Savita, A., Sun, J. and Dommenget, D. (2023) Strengthening atmospheric circulation and trade winds slowed tropical Pacific surface warming. Open Access Communications Earth & Environment, 4 (1). Art.Nr. 249. DOI 10.1038/s43247-023-00912-4.

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Mu, F., Luiz, E. W. and Fiedler, S. (2023) On the dynamics and air-quality impact of the exceptional East Asian dust outbreak in mid-March 2021. Open Access Atmospheric Research, 292 . Art.Nr. 106846. DOI 10.1016/j.atmosres.2023.106846.

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Nandini-Weiss, S. D., Ojha, S., Köhl, A., Jungclaus, J. H. and Stammer, D. (2023) Long-term climate change impacts on regional sterodynamic sea level statistics analyzed from the MPI-ESM large ensemble simulation. Open Access Climate Dynamics . DOI 10.1007/s00382-023-06982-6.

[thumbnail of s43247-023-00781-x.pdf]

Nnamchi, H. C. , Farneti, R., Keenlyside, N. S., Kucharski, F., Latif, M. , Reintges, A. and Martin, T. (2023) Pan-Atlantic decadal climate oscillation linked to ocean circulation. Open Access Communications Earth & Environment, 4 . Art.Nr. 121. DOI 10.1038/s43247-023-00781-x.

[thumbnail of s00382-023-07007-y.pdf]

Prigent, A. , Imbol Koungue, R. A. , Lübbecke, J. F. , Brandt, P. , Harlaß, J. and Latif, M. (2023) Future weakening of southeastern tropical Atlantic Ocean interannual sea surface temperature variability in a global climate model. Open Access Climate Dynamics . DOI 10.1007/s00382-023-07007-y.

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Reyers, M., Fiedler, S. , Ludwig, P., Böhm, C., Wennrich, V. and Shao, Y. (2023) On the importance of moisture conveyor belts from the tropical eastern Pacific for wetter conditions in the Atacama Desert during the mid-Pliocene. Open Access Climate of the Past, 19 . pp. 517-532. DOI 10.5194/cp-19-517-2023.

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Richardson, K., Steffen, W., Lucht, W., Bendtsen, J., Cornell, S. E., Donges, J. F., Drüke, M., Fetzer, I., Bala, G., von Bloh, W., Feulner, G., Fiedler, S. , Gerten, D., Gleeson, T., Hofmann, M., Huiskamp, W., Kummu, M., Mohan, C., Nogués-Bravo, D., Petri, S., Porkka, M., Rahmstorf, S., Schaphoff, S., Thonicke, K., Tobian, A., Virkki, V., Wang-Erlandsson, L., Weber, L. and Rockström, J. (2023) Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries. Open Access Science Advances, 9 (37). Art.Nr. eadh2458. DOI 10.1126/sciadv.adh2458.

[thumbnail of rsta.2022.0056.pdf]

Sallée, J. B., Abrahamsen, E. P., Allaigre, C., Auger, M., Ayres, H., Badhe, R., Boutin, J., Brearley, J. A., de Lavergne, C., ten Doeschate, A. M. M., Droste, E. S., du Plessis, M. D., Ferreira, D., Giddy, I. S., Gülk, B., Gruber, N., Hague, M., Hoppema, M., Josey, S. A., Kanzow, T., Kimmritz, M., Lindeman, M. R., Llanillo, P. J., Lucas, N. S., Madec, G., Marshall, D. P., Meijers, A. J. S., Meredith, M. P., Mohrmann, M., Monteiro, P. M. S., Mosneron Dupin, C., Naeck, K., Narayanan, A., Naveira Garabato, A. C., Nicholson, S. A., Novellino, A., Ödalen, M., Østerhus, S., Park, W. , Patmore, R. D., Piedagnel, E., Roquet, F., Rosenthal, H. S., Roy, T., Saurabh, R., Silvy, Y., Spira, T., Steiger, N., Styles, A. F., Swart, S., Vogt, L., Ward, B. and Zhou, S. (2023) Southern ocean carbon and heat impact on climate. Open Access Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 381 (2249). Art.Nr. 20220056. DOI 10.1098/rsta.2022.0056.

[thumbnail of gmd-2023-101.pdf]

Savita, A., Kjellsson, J. , Kedzierski, R. P. , Latif, M. , Rahm, T., Wahl, S. and Park, W. (Submitted) Assessment of Climate Biases in OpenIFS Version 43R3 across Model Horizontal Resolutions and Time Steps. Open Access Geoscientific Model Development . DOI 10.5194/gmd-2023-101.

[thumbnail of Scheele+et+al_2023_Environ._Res._Lett._10.1088_1748-9326_ad10d6.pdf]

Scheele, R. C. and Fiedler, S. (In Press / Accepted) What drives historical and future changes in photovoltaic power production from the perspective of global warming?. Open Access Environmental Research Letters . DOI 10.1088/1748-9326/ad10d6.

[thumbnail of 1520-0442-JCLI-D-21-1004.1.pdf]

Siuts, T., Bayr, T. and Lübbecke, J. F. (2023) Changes in ENSO Characteristics in Model Simulations with Considerably Altered Background Climate States. Journal of Climate, 36 (2). pp. 467-483. DOI 10.1175/jcli-d-21-1004.1.

[thumbnail of s00382-023-06821-8.pdf]

Sun, J. , Latif, M. and Park, W. (2023) Atlantic decadal-to-bidecadal variability in a version of the Kiel Climate Model. Open Access Climate Dynamics, 61 . pp. 4703-4716. DOI 10.1007/s00382-023-06821-8.

[thumbnail of essd-15-1675-2023.pdf]

von Schuckmann, K., Miniere, A., Gues, F., Cuesta-Valero, F. J., Kirchengast, G., Adusumilli, S., Straneo, F., Allan, R., Barker, P. M., Beltrami, H., Boyer, T., Cheng, L., Church, J., Desbruyeres, D., Dolman, H., Domingues, C. M., García-García, A., Giglio, D., Gilson, J. E., Gorfer, M., Haimberger, L., Hendricks, S., Hosoda, S., Johnson, G. C., Killick, R., King, B., Kolodziejczyk, N., Korosov, A., Krinner, G., Kuusela, M., Langer, M., Lavergne, T., Lawrence, I., Li, Y., Lyman, J., Marzeion, B., Mayer, M., MacDougall, A. H., McDougall, T., Monselesan, D. P., Nitzbon, J., Otosaka, I., Peng, J., Purkey, S., Roemmich, D., Sato, K., Sato, K., Savita, A., Schweiger, A., Shepherd, A., Seneviratne, S. I., Simons, L., Slater, D. A., Slater, T., Smith, N., Steiner, A., Suga, T., Szekely, T., Thiery, W., Timmermans, M. L., Vanderkelen, I., Wjiffels, S. E., Wu, T. and Zemp, M. (2023) Heat stored in the Earth system 1960–2020: Where does the energy go?. Open Access Earth System Science Data, 15 (4). pp. 1675-1709. DOI 10.5194/essd-15-1675-2023.

[thumbnail of GRL_ 2023_Luiz_Fiedler.pdf]

Weide Luiz, E. and Fiedler, S. (2023) Can convective cold pools lead to the development of low-level jets?. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (11). Art.Nr. e2023GL103252. DOI 10.1029/2023GL103252.

[thumbnail of clim-JCLI-D-22-0874.1.pdf]

Zhang, Y., Bayr, T. , Latif, M. , Song, Z. , Park, W. and Reintges, A. (2023) Local and remote causes of the equatorial Pacific cold sea surface temperature bias in the Kiel Climate Model. Journal of Climate, 36 (24). pp. 8425-8442. DOI 10.1175/jcli-d-22-0874.1.

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Begutachtete Publikationen 2022

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[thumbnail of gmd_15_5987_2022.pdf] [thumbnail of gmd_15_5987_2022_supplement.pdf]

Chien, C. T. , Durgadoo, J. V. , Ehlert, D., Frenger, I. , Keller, D. P. , Koeve, W. , Kriest, I. , Landolfi, A. , Patara, L. , Wahl, S. and Oschlies, A. (2022) FOCI-MOPS v1 – Integration of Marine Biogeochemistry within the Flexible Ocean and Climate Infrastructure version 1 (FOCI 1) Earth system model. Open Access Geoscientific Model Development, 15 . pp. 5987-6024. DOI 10.5194/gmd-15-5987-2022.

[thumbnail of acp_22_7893_2022.pdf] [thumbnail of acp_22_7893_2022_supplement.pdf]

Drews, A. , Huo, W., Matthes, K. , Kodera, K. and Kruschke, T. (2022) The Sun's Role for Decadal Climate Predictability in the North Atlantic. Open Access Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22 . pp. 7893-7904. DOI 10.5194/acp-22-7893-2022.

[thumbnail of wcd-3-139-2022.pdf] [thumbnail of wcd-3-139-2022-supplement.pdf]

Ivanciu, I. , Matthes, K. , Biastoch, A. , Wahl, S. and Harlaß, J. (2022) Twenty-first century Southern Hemisphere impacts of ozone recovery and climate change from the stratosphere to the ocean. Open Access Weather and Climate Dynamics, 3 . pp. 139-171. DOI 10.5194/wcd-3-139-2022.

[thumbnail of Geophysical Research Letters - 2022 - Ivanciu - On the Ridging of the South Atlantic Anticyclone Over South Africa The.pdf] [thumbnail of 2022gl099607-sup-0001-supporting information si-s01.pdf]

Ivanciu, I. , Ndarana, T., Matthes, K. and Wahl, S. (2022) On the Ridging of the South Atlantic Anticyclone Over South Africa: The Impact of Rossby Wave Breaking and of Climate Change. Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 49 (20). e2022GL099607. DOI 10.1029/2022GL099607.

[thumbnail of Geophysical Research Letters - 2022 - Kim - Multidecadal Regime Shifts in North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water Formation in.pdf] [thumbnail of 2022gl099406-sup-0001-supporting information si-s01.docx]

Kim, S., Kwon, Y., Park, W. and Lee, H. J. (2022) Multidecadal Regime Shifts in North Pacific Subtropical Mode Water Formation in a Coupled Atmosphere‐Ocean‐Sea Ice Model. Geophysical Research Letters, 49 (19). Art.Nr. e2022GL099406. DOI 10.1029/2022GL099406.

[thumbnail of s43588-022-00322-0.pdf]

Latif, M. (2022) The roadmap of climate models. Nature Computational Science, 2 (9). pp. 536-538. DOI 10.1038/s43588-022-00322-0.

[thumbnail of s41558-022-01342-4.pdf]

Latif, M. , Sun, J. , Visbeck, M. and Bordbar, M. H. (2022) Natural variability has dominated Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation since 1900. Open Access Nature Climate Change, 12 . pp. 455-460. DOI 10.1038/s41558-022-01342-4.

[thumbnail of s41612-022-00275-1.pdf]

Omrani, N. E., Keenlyside, N., Matthes, K. , Boljka, L., Zanchettin, D., Jungclaus, J. H. and Lubis, S. W. (2022) Coupled stratosphere-troposphere-Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and its importance for near-future climate projection. Open Access npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 5 (1). Art.Nr. 59. DOI 10.1038/s41612-022-00275-1.

[thumbnail of Savita_2022_JC.pdf]

Savita, A., Domingues, C. M., Boyer, T., Gouretski, V., Ishii, M., Johnson, G. C., Lyman, J. M., Willis, J. K., Marsland, S. J., Hobbs, W., Church, J. A., Monselesan, D. P., Dobrohotoff, P., Cowley, R. and Wijffels, S. E. (2022) Quantifying Spread in Spatiotemporal Changes of Upper-Ocean Heat Content Estimates: An Internationally Coordinated Comparison. Open Access Journal of Climate, 35 (2). pp. 851-875. DOI 10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0603.1.

[thumbnail of gmd_15_6399_2022.pdf]

Streffing, J., Sidorenko, D., Semmler, T., Zampieri, L., Scholz, P., Andrés-Martínez, M., Koldunov, N., Rackow, T., Kjellsson, J. , Goessling, H., Athanase, M., Wang, Q., Hegewald, J., Sein, D. V., Mu, L., Fladrich, U., Barbi, D., Gierz, P., Danilov, S., Juricke, S., Lohmann, G. and Jung, T. (2022) AWI-CM3 coupled climate model: description and evaluation experiments for a prototype post-CMIP6 model. Open Access Geoscientific Model Development, 15 (16). pp. 6399-6427. DOI 10.5194/gmd-15-6399-2022.

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Begutachtete Publikationen 2021

Number of items: 20.

[thumbnail of Bayr2021_Article_TheInterplayOfThermodynamicsAn.pdf]

Bayr, T. , Drews, A. , Latif, M. and Lübbecke, J. F. (2021) The interplay of thermodynamics and ocean dynamics during ENSO growth phase. Open Access Climate Dynamics, 56 . pp. 1681-1697. DOI 10.1007/s00382-020-05552-4.

[thumbnail of Beobide-Arsuaga2021_Article_UncertaintyOfENSO-amplitudePro.pdf]

Beobide-Arsuaga, G., Bayr, T. , Reintges, A. and Latif, M. (2021) Uncertainty of ENSO-amplitude projections in CMIP5 and CMIP6 models. Open Access Climate Dynamics, 56 . pp. 3875-3888. DOI 10.1007/s00382-021-05673-4.

[thumbnail of s43017-021-00199-z.pdf]

Cai, W., Santoso, A., Collins, M., Dewitte, B., Karamperidou, C., Kug, J. S., Lengaigne, M., McPhaden, M. J., Stuecker, M. F., Taschetto, A. S., Timmermann, A., Wu, L., Yeh, S. W., Wang, G., Ng, B., Jia, F., Yang, Y., Ying, J., Zheng, X. T., Bayr, T. , Brown, J. R., Capotondi, A., Cobb, K. M., Gan, B., Geng, T., Ham, Y. G., Jin, F. F., Jo, H. S., Li, X., Lin, X., McGregor, S., Park, J. H., Stein, K., Yang, K., Zhang, L. and Zhong, W. (2021) Changing El Niño–Southern Oscillation in a warming climate. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 2 . pp. 628-644. DOI 10.1038/s43017-021-00199-z.

[thumbnail of acp-21-3317-2021.pdf] [thumbnail of acp-21-3317-2021-supplement.pdf]

Clyne, M. , Lamarque, J. F. , Mills, M. J. , Khodri, M. , Ball, W. , Bekki, S. , Dhomse, S. S. , Lebas, N. , Mann, G. , Marshall, L. , Niemeier, U. , Poulain, V., Robock, A. , Rozanov, E. , Schmidt, A. , Stenke, A. , Sukhodolov, T., Timmreck, C. , Toohey, M. , Tummon, F., Zanchettin, D., Zhu, Y. and Toon, O. B. (2021) Model physics and chemistry causing intermodel disagreement within the VolMIP-Tambora Interactive Stratospheric Aerosol ensemble. Open Access Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21 (5). pp. 3317-3343. DOI 10.5194/acp-21-3317-2021.

[thumbnail of angeo-39-1013-2021.pdf]

Daglis, I. A. , Chang, L. C. , Dasso, S. , Gopalswamy, N. , Khabarova, O. V. , Kilpua, E., Lopez, R. , Marsh, D. , Matthes, K. , Nandy, D., Seppälä, A. , Shiokawa, K., Thiéblemont, R. and Zong, Q. (2021) Predictability of variable solar–terrestrial coupling. Open Access Annales Geophysicae, 39 (6). pp. 1013-1035. DOI 10.5194/angeo-39-1013-2021.

Damien, P., Sheinbaum, J., Pasqueron de Fommervault, O., Jouanno, J., Linacre, L. and Duteil, O. (2021) Do Loop Current Eddies stimulate productivity in the Gulf of Mexico?. Open Access Biogeosciences (BG), 18 . pp. 4281-4303. DOI 10.5194/bg-18-4281-2021.

[thumbnail of os-17-1489-2021.pdf] [thumbnail of os-17-1489-2021-supplement.pdf]

Duteil, O. , Frenger, I. and Getzlaff, J. (2021) The riddle of eastern tropical Pacific Ocean oxygen levels: the role of the supply by intermediate-depth waters. Open Access Ocean Science, 17 . pp. 1489-1507. DOI 10.5194/os-2020-17.

[thumbnail of Huo2021_Article_LaggedResponsesOfTheTropicalPa.pdf]

Huo, W. , Xiao, Z., Wang, X. and Zhao, L. (2021) Lagged Responses of the Tropical Pacific to the 11-yr Solar Cycle Forcing and Possible Mechanisms. Journal of Meteorological Research, 35 (3). pp. 444-459. DOI 10.1007/s13351-021-0137-8.

[thumbnail of 2021GL093803.pdf] [thumbnail of 2021gl093803-sup-0001-supporting.docx]

Imbol Nkwinkwa N., A. S. , Latif, M. and Park, W. (2021) Mean‐state dependence of CO 2 ‐forced tropical Atlantic sector climate change . Open Access Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (19). Art.Nr. e2021GL093803. DOI 10.1029/2021GL093803.

[thumbnail of [15200442 - Journal of Climate] Impact of the Agulhas Current on Southern Africa Precipitation A Modeling Study.pdf]

Imbol Nkwinkwa N., A. S. , Rouault, M., Keenlyside, N. and Koseki, S. (2021) Impact of the Agulhas Current on southern Africa precipitation: a modelling study. Open Access Journal of Climate, 34 (24). pp. 9973-9988. DOI 10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0627.1.

[thumbnail of acp-21-5777-2021.pdf] [thumbnail of acp-21-5777-2021-supplement.pdf]

Ivanciu, I. , Matthes, K. , Wahl, S. , Harlaß, J. and Biastoch, A. (2021) Effects of prescribed CMIP6 ozone on simulating the Southern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation response to ozone depletion. Open Access Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21 (8). pp. 5777-5806. DOI 10.5194/acp-21-5777-2021.

[thumbnail of 2020GL090963.pdf]

Kreussler, P. , Caron, L. , Wild, S. , Loosveldt Tomas, S., Chauvin, F. , Moine, M., Roberts, M. J., Ruprich‐Robert, Y., Seddon, J. , Valcke, S. , Vannière, B. and Vidale, P. L. (2021) Tropical Cyclone Integrated Kinetic Energy in an Ensemble of HighResMIP Simulations. Geophysical Research Letters, 48 (5). Art.Nr. e2020GL090963. DOI 10.1029/2020GL090963.

[thumbnail of Lee et al_2021_manuscript.pdf]

Lee, K. E., Park, W. , Yeh, S. W., Bae, S. W., Ko, T. W., Lohmann, G. and Nam, S. I. (2021) Enhanced climate variability during the last millennium recorded in alkenone sea surface temperatures of the northwest Pacific margin. Open Access Global and Planetary Change, 204 . Art.Nr. 103558. DOI 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2021.103558.

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Maas, J., Jia, Y. , Quack, B., Durgadoo, J. V. , Biastoch, A. and Tegtmeier, S. (2021) Simulations of anthropogenic bromoform indicate high emissions at the coast of East Asia. Open Access Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21 . pp. 4103-4121. DOI 10.5194/acp-21-4103-2021.

[thumbnail of NNAMCHI_ETAL_ATMOS_RESEARCH.pdf] [thumbnail of Nnamchi_etal_AR_1-s2.0-S0169809521002295-main.pdf]

Nnamchi, H. C. , Dike, V. N., Akinsanola, A. A. and Okoro, U. K. (2021) Leading patterns of the satellite-era summer precipitation over West Africa and associated global teleconnections. Open Access Atmospheric Research, 259 . Art.Nr. 105677. DOI 10.1016/j.atmosres.2021.105677.

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[thumbnail of [15200477 - Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society] Evaluating Climate Models with the CLIVAR 2020 ENSO Metrics Package.pdf] [thumbnail of 10.1175_BAMS-D-19-0337.2.pdf]

Planton, Y. Y., Guilyardi, E., Wittenberg, A. T., Lee, J., Gleckler, P. J., Bayr, T. , McGregor, S., McPhaden, M. J., Roehrig, R., Vialard, J. and Voldoire, A. (2021) Evaluating climate models with the CLIVAR 2020 ENSO metrics package. Open Access Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 102 (2). E193-E217. DOI 10.1175/BAMS-D-19-0337.1.

[thumbnail of cp-17-1507-2021.pdf] [thumbnail of cp-17-1507-2021-supplement.pdf]

Shao, J. , Stott, L. D., Menviel, L. , Ridgwell, A., Ödalen, M. and Mohtadi, M. (2021) The atmospheric bridge communicated the δ13C decline during the last deglaciation to the global upper ocean. Open Access Climate of the Past, 17 (4). pp. 1507-1521. DOI 10.5194/cp-17-1507-2021.

[thumbnail of [15200469 - Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences] A Synoptic View of the Onset of the Midlatitude QBO Signal.pdf]

Silverman, V., Lubis, S. W., Harnik, N. and Matthes, K. (2021) A Synoptic View of the Onset of the Mid-Latitude QBO Signal. Open Access Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 78 (12). pp. 3759-3780. DOI 10.1175/JAS-D-20-0387.1.

[thumbnail of [15200442 - Journal of Climate] Subpolar Gyre–AMOC–Atmosphere Interactions on Multidecadal Timescales in a Version of the Kiel Climate Model.pdf]

Sun, J. , Latif, M. and Park, W. (2021) Subpolar Gyre – AMOC – Atmosphere Interactions on Multidecadal Timescales in a Version of the Kiel Climate Model. Journal of Climate, 34 (16). pp. 6583-6602. DOI 10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0725.1.

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