Electroenzymatic CO2 reduction using recombinant CODHs from seafloor habitats recovered via an activity-based screen

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Enzymes, the biological catalysts, often feature selectivities or activities unrivaled by the solid catalysts prevalent in industrial settings. A small number of them can be extracted from cultured microbes and exploited for industrial transformations. However, a tremendous enzymatic potential remains largely untapped among the currently uncultured microbial majority. This project aims at accessing this biological resource and demonstrating the enzymatic electrocatalytic activity for the reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) to CO (carbon monoxide) at nanostructured electrode surfaces using marine derived environmental CODH (CO-dehydrogenase) enzyme. The work is conducted in cooperation with Prof. Julien Bachmann, FAU; Germany).

This project (ECO2nvert) is part of BioProMare funded by the BMBF (2020-2023).