For Students

The research in HOSST and TOSST is grouped around 3 main themes:

Seafloor Structures, 4D Ocean Dynamics, Ecosystem Hotspots 

The worldwide growth in population and rising standards of living are leading to ever-increasing human pressure on the oceans: as a source of resources, a transportation/trade pathway, and a sink for pollutants. The use of the world oceans is presently not guided by any over-arching management plan at either national or international level. Marine science and technology provide the necessary foundation, both in terms of system understanding as well as observational and modeling tools, to address these issues and to ensure that management of ocean activities is placed on the best-possible scientific basis. The next generation of ocean leaders, in addition to being excellent scientists, needs to be trained in the multiple facets of ocean research and the technological tools used to study it. In short we need to train "Advocates for the ocean": only then will the responsible use and informed management of the future ocean be achievable. By linking the complementary transatlantic ocean research and education capacities in Kiel and Halifax, the joint TOSST/HOSST graduate school aims to achieve this goal.


The Hallmarks of our Graduate Program are

  • transatlantic co-supervision
  • transatlantic summer schools
  • transatlantic research visits
  • access to modern ocean technologies
  • individual training / mentoring
  • basic and advanced courses (note there are no tuition fees)
  • links to ocean technology industry
  • training in decision makers language

Lectures, seminars and workshops will be shared with teachers and Fellows in Halifax, Canada over videoconference.

Summer schools will provide an opportunity for Fellows from Kiel and Halifax to meet and exchange ideas, experiences.


HOSST Fellows additionally

  • receive courses on soft skill training organized by HOSST, ISOS and HGF (Helmholtz Research Association)
  • organize regular seminars, guest lectures, and thematic workshops


HOSST Fellows can participate in the ISOS which provides (among others):

  • a multidisciplinary marine PhD network
  • exposure to a life after PhD – career planning for academia, industry, governance