Become a user...

How do I register?  

That's simple: - Show your identification card - Official confirmation of residence  

Who can borrow publications?  

Everybody who lives in or nearby Kiel and can show an identification card!  

Do I have to pay a membership fee?  

No - you do not have to pay for anything - except when you do not return the borrowed items in time! 

FAQ Loan

Which items can I borrow?

With the exception of a few reference books you can take every book and journal with you!

How long can I keep the borrowed items?

Journals 1 week, all other items 2 weeks

Can I renew the loan period - and how do I do that?

You can renew the loan period if there are no reservations for the borrowed item.
Just send a mail, call us or login to your User account!

What happens when I forget to bring them back in time?

Oooooh - oooooh ;-)

First you'll get a reminder - you have 1 week to contact us.
If you do not react we will send out a weekly request for payment:
1. overdue fee: 1,50 € per item
2. overdue fee: 3,00 € per item
3. overdue fee: 5,00 € per item
+ Postage