FAQ Books

I'd like to suggest the purchase of a book. What do I have to do?

GEOMAR Library Cardholders are encouraged to suggest publications that they think the library should purchase and add to the collection. Although submitting a purchase suggestion does not guarantee that the item will be added to the collection, the library tries to accommodate these requests whenever it is possible. Before you send your purchase suggestion, please make sure that the title is NOT already in our library collection:

GEOMAR Library Catalogue

If you want to make a purchase suggestion and belong to the GEOMAR staff, just fill out the "Purchase suggestion" on the Intranet.

If you do not belong to the GEOMAR staff, please just send us an email:


In which way will I be informed, that the book I have suggested is available for me? And will I be able to borrow it immediately after arrival?

If you made a purchase suggestion, we will send you an email to notify you of the arrival of the book.

Usually a new book should be displayed about 10 days on the "New books" shelf.

Special conditions on books may be offered to participants in conferences. Am I allowed to buy relevant literature for the GEOMAR Library?

Yes. If you are sure that the book is relevant for the Institute you can buy the book.

If the book should be available for everybody and therefor be placed in the library, just send us an invoice. (Please make sure that the library will be able to pay for the book!)

If the book is supposed to be shelved in your department, you need to make a Proof of Claim. (Please make sure that the budget of your department will be able to cover the costs.)