FAQ Interlibrary Loan

Who can order something by interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary Loan is available to all cardholders of the IFM-GEOMAR Library. 
To avoid delays, always check our catalogues to see if we own before submitting I.L.L. requests:Library Catalogue

How do I order something by interlibrary loan?

You can fill out the interlibrary loan:

West Shore

East Shore


Just send an email to:

West Shore Library: bib-west(at)geomar.de

East Shore Library: bib-ost(at)geomar.de

What can I order by interlibrary loan?

You can order books or journal-articles, which are not in stock (neither online nor print) of the GEOMAR library.

How long does it take until the order is available for me?

Since we contact several different libraries to get the required literature, we can not say how long the delivery will take. Experiences show, that the estimated delivery time might take 1 day up to 3 weeks. Received literature will either be send to your department or wait for you at the circulation desk. You will be informed about the arrival by Email.