How long can I lend a medium?
Who is allowed to use the library and who is allowed to check out?

Interlibrary loan

How do I order something by interlibrary loan?
What can I order by interlibrary loan?
How long does it take until the order is available for me?


I'd like to suggest the purchase of a book. What do I have to do?
In which way will I be informed, that the book I ha
ve suggested is available for me? And will I be able to borrow it immediately after arrival?
Special conditions on books may be offered to participants in conferences. Am I allowed to buy relevant literature for the GEOMAR Library?


How and where can I search for journals?
How can I suggest a journal for purchase?
How can I get access to online-journals?
Where can I check, if the latest journal edition is already in stock?
What are my possibilities, if the article I'm looking for isn't available at the GEOMAR Library?


What do I have to do to make sure my publications will be added to OceanRep, the publication database of GEOMAR?

How do I add a link on my personal homepage to my list of publications?
How do I add a link on my research divisions' webside to our publications?
How can I find out, if a journal is listed in "ISI"?
How will I know the "Impact-Factor" of a journal?



What is GLORIA?