Stjernsund, Norway
10.09.2012 - 28.09.2012
Chief scientist:
Olaf Pfannkuche

The primary objective of this cruise with RV POSEIDON is to recover the MoLab ocean bottom observatory from the Stjernsund Reef off the coast of northern Norway. The Stjernsund Reef is one of the northernmost European cold water coral reefs. MoLab has been deployed on the reef in May 2012 to measure biological, physical and chemical parameters over a range of several square kilometres.

MoLab consists of several different devices that can be combined according to the specific scientific question. Among the available modules are single autonomous deep sea observatories (so called “Lander”) in different configurations and sizes as well as oceanographic moorings which all have the same basic sensor systems. The core of the MoLab System is a communication module integrated in one of the moorings.

Partly the modules will be recovered with the help of the 3000m work class ROV PHOCA.

ROV PHOCA with a small sized Lander in the Norwegain Stjernsund. Photo: O. Pfannkuche, GEOMAR

RV POSEIDON in arctic seas. Foto: O. Pfannkuche, GEOMAR