Southeast Atlantic
14.05.2014 - 21.06.2014
Chief scientist:
Kaj Hoernle

R/V SONNE-cruise SO233 focuses on systematic sampling of the magmatic basement of the c. 1.500 km long eastern part of the Walvis Ridge in the Southeast Atlantic. The SO233 WALVIS II project continues and broadens our previous studies of the Walvis Ridge and aims (1) to test for age progressive volcanism along the ridge, (2) to differentiate between classical hotspot and plate fracturing models for its formation, and (3) to constrain the origin and temporal and spatial evolution of melting conditions and source compositions (in particular for the EM-I endmember and for zonation of mantle plumes). Accompanying to the basement sampling, biological sampling will be conducted by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin to better constrain the biodiversity of the Southeast Atlantic.