Open Source Software - Software donations - University Grant Programs

Die Mitarbeiter:innen des Instituts verwenden ein Reihe von Open Source- und kommerzieller Software Pakete. Die Lizenzen industrieller Software werden der Abteilung von den jeweiligen Universitäts- und Spendenprogrammen der einzelnen Firmen kostenfrei zur Verfügung gestellt.

Software application used for the modeling and analysis of mechanical components and for visualizing the finite element analysis result

Schlumberger: Omega Geophysical Data Processing Platform

Schlumberger: Petrel E&P Software Platform to analyze subsurface data from exploration to production

Schlumberger: Vista Desktop Seismic Data Processing Software: Comprehensive seismic processing and QC software

Kingdom: Seismic and geological interpretation software

HampsonRussell Comprehensive suite of reservoir characterization tools

Teledyne CARIS Marine Mapping Software

MB-System Seafloor Mapping Software Processing and Display of Swath Sonar Data

Opendtect is used for processing, visualisation and interpretation of multi-volume 2D, 3D, and 4D pre- and post-stack seismic data

The Nucleus+ software for elastic modeling of seismic surveys

Fledermaus for 3D and 4D geo-spatial analysis of hydrographic and GIS data

Qimera Hydrographic data processing, analysis, and validation